OPEL Corsa GSi 1.4T M/T 3-Door Special Edition Model
OPEL Corsa GSi – 'German-Styled Innovation'

The new OPEL Corsa GSi offers many sporty and luxury extras

The Much-Anticipated 3-Door OPEL Corsa GSi joins the South African OPEL Model Line-Up in May 2019. A number of 'tweaks' take the legendary GSi badge more towards the territory of sport luxury with a powertrain which focuses on everyday driving needs. Time has certainly moved on in terms of safety and speed legislation, and OPEL is pioneering this new trend by gently distancing the new GSi badge from its historical pure performance roots.

Although not a pure racing machine, the Turbocharged 1.4-litre German Powerhouse delivers outstanding throttle response and torque, as well as featuring a special GSi-calibration for increased responsiveness. Mated to a short-ratio, six-speed gearbox, the engine delivers an outstanding punch in second and third gear and impresses with great elasticity.

The new OPEL Corsa GSi's agile OPC Sport Suspension and Brakes (with red callipers) were set up on the legendary Nürburgring 'Nordschleife distances' to ensure precise athleticism, outstanding and agile handling and sudden braking. To top off its stunning good looks, the new GSi features 18-inch light-alloy wheels and high-grip tyres.

The OPEL Corsa GSi has a characteristic sporty design with large air intakes, sculptured bonnet, prominent rear spoiler and precisely moulded side sills. From the front, the cheeky new GSi fascia features a large honeycomb grille and in the centre the OPEL Blitz badge supported by two wings, with the exterior rear-view mirror housings in racing-look carbon colour. Large, chrome-ringed design elements which are visually connected in a horizontal line via the black crosspieces running across the front, along with the black traverse cleat on the bonnet, support the impression of a serious road-clinging athlete. The vibrant styling is also present when viewed from the rear. The prominent spoiler on the edge of the roof creates additional downforce, and the sporty chrome tailpipe is framed by the vibrant design of the rear apron in body colour.

The pure feeling of luxurious sportiness is further conveyed by the GSi's superb interior, featuring many standard extras not even available in vehicles more expensive than the GSi. Amongst many other standard features, the GSi boasts leather cladding, Recaro performance front seats and a sport steering wheel, which would be very expensive extras in competitive vehicles. Select the gear via the leather gearshift, put your foot on the aluminium sport pedals and sure-footed automotive pleasure kicks in to create a sport-like touring car feel!

Fuel consumption1 – combined: 6.4 – 6.0 l/100km

Priced at only R365 900* the new OPEL Corsa GSi promises to deliver a sophisticated, luxurious and sporty driving experience.

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