Opel Corsa GSi 1.4T 3-Door Special Edition Model

To celebrate the anniversary of 120 Years of OPEL, we introduced the OPEL Corsa 120Yin March 2019. The release of the first OPEL Corsa left its definitive footprint in the hearts and minds of its owners, and we decided to please our fans with its very own model in its anniversary year. Of course, we had to make it worth it, so we infused the essence of the original OPEL Corsa with updated technology and the latest features.

We saw what the nation needed, and we delivered with the OPEL Combo Cargo Van. Why should the fun end when work begins? Sticking to the standard we've set ourselves, we introduced a business van that stands out from the rest, with branding space on the outside and a versatile compartment for your goodies on the inside. We don't compete – we set the business standard! The OPEL Combo Cargo Van can be adapted to suit a multitude of industries, from small business to grand fleets.

Shortly after the release of the OPEL Combo Van, we released the OPEL Combo Life. Steering away from the direction of the business and directing it towards families and everyday life. Its spacious interior even includes a spot for the family pet!

Let's not forget the other bold moves we've made with the release of the OPEL Corsa GSi in April earlier this year, where we collaborated with Bathu sneakers and presented the limited edition Opel GSi Bathu Sneakers. You may leave the car at some point but with Bathu sneakers, everyone will know you own one of sweetest rides on the street.

But that’s not all …when we are not introducing brand new models to the range – we revisit some of your favourites. SA Car of the Year (COTY) 2017 and European COTY 2016 winner – the OPEL Astra is now available in a 1.6T Auto Sport. We love this car and we think you will too.

SUV lovers, assemble! The ever-popular Opel Crossland X is now available in a powerful (yet fuel-conscious) 1.6 turbo-diesel iteration that boasts a 5-Speed Manual Steering and a whopping 68 W of output.

…And lastly, and certainly not least - our best-in-class SUV is back and it's got a bunch of exciting new updates, including 18" alloys, strategic privacy glass, roof rails and more… that comes standard in the updated Opel Grandland X Enjoy 1.6T Auto. There is also the option of customising the SUV with additions such as a panoramic sunroof, leather seats, and an intuitive infotainment system.